Jimmy Skunk in "A Sad, Sad Quarrel"



A Sad, Sad Quarrel


Jimmy Skunk sat on the floor of Farmer Brown's henhouse, rubbing his head and glaring up at the upper row of nests with eyes red with anger. Of course it was dark in the henhouse, for it was night, but Jimmy can see in the dark, just as so many other little people who wear fur can. What he saw was the anxious looking face of Unc' Billy Possum staring down at him.


"You did that purposely!" snapped Jimmy. "You did that purposely, and you needn't tell me you didn't."
"On my honor I didn't," protested Unc' Billy. "It was an accident, and I'm right sorry for it."
"That sounds very nice, but I don't believe a word of it. You did it purposely, and you can't make me believe anything else. Come down here and fight. I dare you to!" Jimmy was getting more and more angry every minute.


Unc' Billy began to grow angry. Of course, it was wholly his fault that that egg had fallen, but it wasn't his fault that Jimmy had happened to be just beneath. He hadn't known that Jimmy was there. He had apologized, and he felt that no one could do more than that. Jimmy Skunk had doubted his word, had refused to believe him, and that made him angry. His little eyes glowed with rage.


"If you want to fight, come up here. I'll wait for you right where I am," he sputtered.
This made Jimmy angrier than ever. He couldn't climb up there, and he knew that Unc' Billy knew it. Unc' Billy was perfectly safe in promising to wait for him.
"You're a coward, just a plain no-account coward!" snapped Jimmy.


"I'm not going to climb up there, but I'll tell you what I am going to do; I'm going to wait right down here until you come down, if it isn't until next year. Nobody can drop things on my head and not get paid back. I thought you were my friend, but now I know better."
"Wait as long as you please. I reckons I can stay as long as you can," retorted Unc' Billy, grinding and snapping his teeth.
"Suit yourself," retorted Jimmy. "I'm going to pay you up for that bump on my head or know the reason why."


And so they kept on quarreling and calling each other names, for the time being quite forgetting that they were where they had no business to be, either of them. It really was dreadful. And it was all because both had been sadly disappointed. They had found no eggs where they had been sure they would find plenty. You see, Farmer Brown's boy had gathered every egg when he shut the biddies up for the night. Did you ever notice what a bad thing for the temper disappointment often is?

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